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Introducing Testing Tuesdays!

Ever just watch people poke and prod your newborn and wonder “What the heck are they doing that for?!” Knowing that parents have questions is exactly why Love of A Little One's Lauren Archer and I are starting Testing Tuesdays! We find that over and over again, newborn procedures and routine testing are overwhelming, scary and… Continue reading Introducing Testing Tuesdays!

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Long Labors, Part 3: Psychosocial Strategies

Long Labors, Part 3: Psychosocial Strategies, is a follow-up and final installment to Long Labors, Parts I and 2. Meredith Westin Photography When a client is having a very long labor, I tend to assume mechanical challenges are the direct cause and problem-solve on that basis, first. Many emotional and spiritual forces can arise during… Continue reading Long Labors, Part 3: Psychosocial Strategies