I am a licensed midwife in Los Angeles, California. I attend births as a primary care provider in the out-of-hospital setting (mostly home, though I’ve worked long stints at freestanding birth centers). Sometimes births planned to take place out-of-hospital need to relocate to hospital, where I help to transition families into OB care at Labor and Delivery.

This blog is a combination of my opinions, some quality science, my opinions, and more of my opinions. My opinions are solely my own. If my opinions are helpful to you, please take them. If they aren’t, you can simply leave them. I appreciate (respectful) feedback.

Sometimes I tell birth stories! Birth stories are my favorite but are also the trickiest. Telling another person’s birth story can have the effect of downplaying that person’s memory, experience or feelings. It can also be a violation of federal confidentiality laws. If you read a birth story on this blog, know that it has been told with the explicit permission of the laboring individual, or it has been heavily altered to create something fictional. Sometimes I reach very far back in time for a birth story, as time softens and morphs memories.

Sometimes I write about the difficulties of being a care provider in a medical system that does not make anything easy on parents or babies or care providers.

This blog does not constitute medical advice. Always consider what your midwife or doctor has to say. If what they have to say is not serving you, find a new doctor or midwife! Trust your intuition and take good care of yourself.

Jocelyn Brown, LM