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Introducing Testing Tuesdays!

Ever just watch people poke and prod your newborn and wonder “What the heck are they doing that for?!”

Knowing that parents have questions is exactly why Love of A Little One’s Lauren Archer and I are starting Testing Tuesdays! We find that over and over again, newborn procedures and routine testing are overwhelming, scary and confusing to our clients. Just like any other medical intervention, each newborn test or screening comes with benefits, risks, and varying degrees of cost and inconvenience (and, let’s be honest – sometimes ouchies for baby!). We want to clear up the misconceptions and reduce the intimidation.

Each Tuesday, we’ll feature a different routine newborn test that, whether you are birthing in- or out-of-hospital, your baby should be offered, and that you should have the space to discuss with your baby’s care provider. We hope you’ll find this helpful as a launching point for more research and critical thinking around care during your baby’s first few weeks.

Happy Tuesday!

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