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November 2nd, 2019: LABORING TOGETHER

You know what’s super fun as a midwife? Watching both parents work as a team to meet their baby.  The laboring person tells us what they need. The partner shows up creatively and intentionally, despite being nervous or feeling a little lost.  Laboring Together is a specialized intensive for couples who desire an unmedicated birth… Continue reading November 2nd, 2019: LABORING TOGETHER

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All The Things That Can Happen to Your Pelvic Floor After Baby (And What to Do!)

Fear of pelvic floor damage during birth is reasonable, especially given the existence of Mother's Day cards like this: Prevention of pelvic floor damage is a worthwhile topic out of the scope of this post. Most care providers have their bag of tricks they use (evidence-based or not) that they believe will reduce tearing… Continue reading All The Things That Can Happen to Your Pelvic Floor After Baby (And What to Do!)